Wood Wicks are Here!

RBC has added to our Wood Wick Collection.

Coffee House, Blue Spruce, Hot Chocolate, and Vanilla

Bonus Scent for another project is:


Now Available

Hand made in Midvale, Utah

  • Custom Wax Blend

    Our custom Soy wax blend gives our candles a clean, long-lasting burn, and provides a sophisticated fragrance to complement your space.

  • Aromachology Based Fragrances

    When curating our custom fragrance blends, we use scientific studies to develop relationships between fragrance and emotions to make you feel good.

  • Creating Eye-Popping Vibrant Colored Candles

    Making vibrant candles is a colorful and creative process. By mixing vibrant dyes with melted wax, we create eye-catching candles that add a pop of color to any space.

  • 40+ Hour Burn Time

    Our candles are crafted from superior, enduring materials, resulting in reduced soot production and a lingering fragrance that persists even after the flame has been extinguished.