About Us

  • Tonya Rhodes

    Hello, I'm Tonya, and I'm delighted to share a bit about myself. I believe in embracing life's journey with an open heart and a curious mind. My story is one of passion, family, and a deep appreciation for the small joys that make life truly special.

    As a dedicated mother, I have been blessed with the love and joy of raising three amazing children. They are my greatest source of inspiration, and they remind me every day of the beauty and wonder that life has to offer.

    My professional journey has been equally fulfilling. With a background in education, I had the privilege of working as a librarian in an elementary school. This experience allowed me to witness the transformative power of knowledge and the magic that stories can bring into a child's life. It also sparked my creativity and love for storytelling.

    Beyond my work and family, I find joy in exploring the beauty of nature, reading thought-provoking books, and connecting with people from all walks of life. I believe that every person we meet has something valuable to teach us, and I cherish the connections I make along the way.

  • Spencer Rhodes

    Hi, I'm Spencer, a dedicated individual currently pursuing a full-time education journey towards earning a bachelor's degree. While venturing into new horizons, my past experiences have been deeply rooted in the world of aging services and business-related responsibilities.

    With a background encompassing office management and backend paperwork for aging services, I have been instrumental in facilitating seamless operations to cater to the needs of aging and adult clients. Notably, as a skilled dispatcher for Rides for Wellness, I effectively coordinated transportation for medical appointments, including dialysis treatments, requiring exceptional communication and coordination skills.

    Having acquired five years of valuable experience in the realm of aging and adult services, my passion for assisting clients with aging needs has left an indelible mark on the lives of many. This compassion for others has been a driving force throughout my journey.

    As I continue to explore academic pursuits, the love for adventure and the great outdoors remains a constant source of joy. From biking and four-wheeling to paddle boarding and camping, I enjoy nature's wonders and seeks solace in these exhilarating activities. I nurture creativity on the side, unveiling hidden talents and craftsmanship.

    While the future may hold uncharted territories, my determination and dedication are bound to steer toward exciting opportunities. As the quest for self-discovery and growth unfolds, I aspire to align passions and purpose, forging a fulfilling path that harmonizes personal and professional endeavors.

    As the next chapter unfolds, I look forward to the journey with an open heart and a willingness to explore the endless possibilities that await on the horizon.